EndPoint Security

EndPoint Security

As an extra layer of security, it is vital that the PC or Server has its own protection. Typical Anti-Virus software is not enough to protect the device anymore.

While businesses are extending beyond the office to the cloud, security threats are ever evolving and increasing in sophistication, frequency, and cost. Cybercrime has matured into a seasoned business where the traditional tools and methods used to combat cybercrime fall short in a cloud-centric IT World. Zero-day threats, Trojans, ransomware, and malware multiply as bad actors – both criminals and nation states – target all organisations, regardless of size.

VIPRE Endpoint Security Cloud

VIPRE Endpoint Security Cloud is a powerful, fully customisable cloud-based endpoint protection platform that enables companies to protect against vulnerabilities in Microsoft® Windows® or Apple® macOS® endpoint devices. Protecting against file, application, and network layer attacks, combining multiple layers of security with network- and application-agnostic DNS protection at no additional charge. Through powerful technologies like signature-based detection, heuristic analysis, and behavioural analysis, VIPRE Endpoint Security Cloud proactively catches even zero-day threats. Best of all, the solution is flexible and optimises productivity and security.

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