Our top six reasons for keeping your data backed up

Author: Kieron Doyle

Whether your business is a multi-national corporation or you’re a sole trader, you are storing data every day. Every piece of information you process and store should be backed up on a regular basis; can you confidently say you’re up to date with your security? If not, these are our top six reasons for making it a priority.

People make mistakes

It’s a fact of life that sometimes, even the best of us get it wrong. Human error could be behind a system breakdown because of an honest mistake, a need for more training or even just someone trying to do too much at once on a busy day. Either way, if there’s a risk to your data security, you need to have a back up.

A force of nature

Although it can seem unlikely and we all like to think it wouldn’t happen to us, if a natural disaster hits and your office is destroyed by floods or fire, all your data could be gone in an instant. Without a back up of your data, this could be devastating for your business.

Technology crash

If your system fails or crashes, all your business data could disappear without warning, and the effect on your reputation could be disastrous. Many businesses that suffer a major data loss are unable to reopen, but with a simple back up process or recovery plan you can be prepared and avoid the risk.

Stay ahead of the game

If your business suffers a data loss for any reason, you are opening an opportunity for competitors to step in while you take the time to recover. You could also lose the trust of your clients, so it’s far better to protect your data and your credibility with a back up process.

Avoid doing work twice

If you don’t have a back up of your data, or even if your back up hasn’t been done in a while, you risk having to redo a lot of work to bring your records up to date if you suffer a crash. Even if it’s just to ensure you can recover quickly and avoid your team having to repeat their data collection, a back up is a valuable security tool.

Confidence in your data security

Having a back up system in place means you and your clients have peace of mind that, if the worst does happen, your business and your data are safe and secure. You can retain continuity and avoid a data disaster.

Failing to back up your business data is an enormous risk, and could have devastating consequences for you and your clients. We all hope that we won’t need these safety nets, but knowing they are there makes all the difference. For information on keeping your data secure, contact Clifton IT today or take a look at our page on Backup and Continuity.

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