Can you help me? I need IT support but don’t have an IT team

Author: Robert Eeuwens

A lot of businesses don’t have the capacity or budget to employ a fully qualified IT team full-time, but still need all the usual IT services such as computers, phone lines and payroll. In this situation managed services could be the ideal choice for companies seeking a long-term IT management system instead of using costly emergency solutions when problems occur.

What is an IT “managed service”?

An IT managed service is a solution whereby companies can pay for an all-in-one service covering help to select the right IT systems, the system installation itself, training and ongoing support and protection.

There are various levels of service available from remote help over the phone 24/7 to having an external consultancy such as Clifton IT working effectively as though they were your own in-house IT team.

Can I get onsite IT support from a managed service?

A managed service solution offers both onsite and remote support when needed, as well as helping to source appropriate hardware, software and cabling – we are unusual in that we can help with every single aspect of IT for business.

This solution takes away the cost and associated staffing issues of running your own IT team, which might not be a practical or affordable option, particularly for small or start-up businesses.

A managed service solution would also provide your company with help and advice around important aspects such as cyber security and updates on important protective software and licenses as they come up.

Can you help if I have an IT team in post?

It’s possible that if you have an IT department in-house already, you still don’t have all the skills to manage every issue that comes up, or perhaps the team is still not large enough to offer 24 hour cover. In this case a managed support service could help.

Whether you need support to top up a small IT team, or you need a fully delivered service from an outsourced IT team, then our experts at Clifton IT can help. We can tailor an IT support package to suit whatever your business needs are.

From supplying hardware and software, advice on IT strategy, help and support on cyber security, or a fully delivered IT service across the whole of your business, we can help you out.

Services including cabling, telephony systems, Wi-Fi for business, hardware and software advice and installation for any size of business, why not call us today to talk to our experts and find out how we can tailor an IT support package just for you?

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