As a small business, should I move to cloud-based services?

Author: Kieron Doyle

It’s definitely an option you should consider. Cloud-based services are making waves in the business world and make it really simple for business owners and employees to get access to business data from anywhere in the world. It is also another way to protect your data against any kind of damage such as fire, or flood, at your business premises.

Cloud services give small businesses much easier access to technologies they could have only dreamed about before, levelling the playing field when it comes to competing in the marketplace with bigger businesses.

Here are some key advantages to using cloud-based services:

Easier access to Accounting Services

Desktop accounting services used to be expensive and often out of range for small businesses but most have now been replaced with good value cloud versions, often offering specific versions for start-ups.

Easier packages

You may be able to combine your apps into one cloud-based service. With Microsoft Office, you can get all of their information through the cloud now without having to keep buying upgrades and avoiding the need to manage apps.

Remote working

Using a cloud service means you and all your remote workers can access business data wherever you are, so you can all work on a report, at the same time, even if you are in different time zones in different countries.

Automatic updates

No need to worry about software licenses expiring or not covering the new person who joins the team. With cloud computing all the systems and apps are updated easily meaning you always have access to the latest features.

Business access 24/7

You will have access to all your business data and apps 24/7 as you can access them on any device so if you are going away at the weekend and there is an invoice that needs paying, you can access it and pay it immediately, using your mobile device.

If you are considering moving to cloud-based services for your business then please do get in touch with our experts at Clifton IT and we can work out the best solution for you.

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