Smooth Office Move

To move all of Provelio’s IT equipment including servers, PC’s and monitors to a new Head Office. This involved liaising with building management, internet service providers, telephone suppliers and printer companies, as well as Provelio themselves to ensure the move went without a hitch.

Prior to the move, we performed a recce on the new office, assessed the space, what was available and what additional equipment would be required for the new set-up, ensuring any relevant information was fed back to the various suppliers.

The move was scheduled over the weekend to avoid any staff downtime. Two experienced 2nd Line Clifton IT Engineers were tasked with executing the entire move over the course of the two days with back-up remote support from a remote 3rd Line Engineer.

All equipment including staff PC’s and monitors were disconnected, packed and transported to the new office. On arrival, the essential infrastructure kit was unpacked and set-up, this included the server, routers and switches. All ports were patched and network tests were carried out as well as individual testing on each network point. Once testing had been carried out to the satisfaction of the engineers, the remaining equipment was unpacked and set-up to the clients specification.

Provelio rely on their head office, not only for internal staff but for all remote working capabilities. We completed the entire office move over the course of one weekend, ensuring absolutely no down time and therefore, no loss of productivity.

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