Improving reliability & performance with a brand new server

NVB Architects were using an overly complex network storage system on a server nearing the end of its warranty. They required a system that could provide the same functionality as they had previously, but an integrated, lower cost solution that uses modern technologies and reduces complexity. They needed ongoing advice and consultancy on simplifying their infrastructure.

Clifton IT migrated the old server and network storage to a brand new Dell PowerEdge T330 server with 2 Virtual Machines – 1 Domain Controller and 1 File Server. One of our experienced 3rd Line Engineers liaised with the client and began migrating data from the old server across to the new one overnight. Users would be unable to access their data while this was happening so we wanted to limit this as much as possible.

    • Active Directory, DNS & DHCP were migrated to the new Domain Controller
    • File Data was migrated from Network Storage to File Server
    • Print Management was moved from old DC to new File Server
    • Kaspersky Antivirus Centralised Management Console moved from old DC to new File Server

    The client had previously been experiencing an increase in the number of back-up failures, to combat this, a new version of Veritas Backup Exec was installed and configured. We also relocated the NAS to a different area of the building not susceptible to fire or flood damage.

    A few issues were encountered along the way, toward the end of the data migration the old network storage failed, causing just less than 0.01% of data to be lost. After explaining the situation to the client, a decision was made to accept this loss.

    A brand new server has provided NVB Architects with a simplified data and network storage solution, improving reliability and performance. We have updated their back-up systems and will continue to monitor this going forward. Following the successful completion of this project, Clifton IT are now providing IT helpdesk support for all server and user issues across NVB Architects.

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